Python San Sebastian 2015


Standard rate ticket registrations are open!

After all early bird tickets have been sold we have switched to the standard rate tickets. The rush to the early bird tickets has been nothing but amazing, so it's very likely we'll sell out early.

Ticket sales plan

  • Early Rate: We will start selling early bird tickets on August 1st.
  • Standard Rate: In case we still have tickets left by September 25th, we'll switch to the on-desk rate.

Ticket types

Early Rate:

  • Student: EUR 4,99 (only available for students; please bring your student card)
  • Personal: EUR 9,99 (for people enjoying Python from home)
  • Business: EUR  19,99 (for people using Python to make a living)

We would like to encourage you to pick a ticket types that reasonably fits your use personal situation. If you would like to support Python San Sebastian, please consider getting a higher priced ticket. We assure you that your contribution will be put to good use. Thank you!

All prices include 10% Spanish VAT. Tickets are invoiced by the ACPySS.

Registrations are open!


Refund policy

The conference ticket is fully (100%) refundable until 1 month before the conference, September 24th, after that refunding is not allowed, no exceptions.

The price of the ticket includes:

More than 20 talks, exciting keynotes, interesting tutorials

Sprints, hallway sessions, meetings with friends are all included for free :-)

A chance to vote the talks to choose your own schedule

By registering before the end of the voting process, you'll have the chance to vote the submitted abstracts and give your contribution to the final schedule of the conference. Register now to be able to vote!

Coffee Breaks

Two coffee breaks per day are offered during the conference.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity is available during all conference days. You'll be able to use it with your laptop, mobile phone or other mobile devices.

The price of the ticket does NOT include the social event!

If you want to come, you need to buy a social event ticket. We only have a limited number of tickets available, so please book them early. We highly recommended the social event.