Python San Sebastian 2015

Financial aid

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of a financial aid to attend Python San Sebastian 2015. Please follow the instructions below to apply for a grant.

We offer financial aid conference grants in these 2 categories:

  1. Free ticket: Get a standard ticket for the conference for free (does not include lunches and social event)

  2. Travel costs and accommodation: We will cover the travel costs pro rata, depending on what you are applying for. We can also cover the accommodation costs and facilitate the stay in a student house.

Note: The social event and lunches are NOT included in any of the Financial Aid programs.


Grant Eligibility

Our grants are open to all people in need of financial aid. We will specifically take into account the following criteria in the selection process:

  • Contributors: Potential speakers/trainers of Python San Sebastian (people who submitted a proposal) and all who contribute to PySS15 and/or Python community projects.

  • Economic factors: We want everybody to have a chance to come to PySS, regardless of economic situation or income level.


How to apply


Aplication deadline is Closed



We will make the decision on-the-air, if we see that someone who applies deserves a financial aid we will inform to that person directly  as soon as posible. For the others the final decision will be held on October 18th.

Limited availability

We have a very limited finantial aid. We already have a special rate for students. We are saving this grant for contributors with economical issues and students with no public transport connections to San Sebastian.

Refund management

We are not going to refund anything, if you already paid for something it is not finantiable with this aid.