Python San Sebastian 2015

Plone 5: Plone yesterday, today and tomorrow

Plone is a document management system with more than 10 years of history. Created as a “friendly theme” for the Content Management Framework has evolved until nowadays to bring high level user experience to the end user.

With the latest developments of this product/framework written in python , the latest version, Plone 5, has just been published and we will be presenting it in this talk.

The new version includes improvements in the great features that Plone has always presented, such as the creation and management of new content-types (news items, events, pages, …) directly through the web, a completely on-browser-theming-feature, or the development of the basic template, that can be easily customized using CSS pre-processing techniques.

Workflow and permission management has been speeded up and includes, out-of-the-box a completely multilanguage-content solution.

New great features and a big improvement of the existing ones have guided the development of this new version of the CMS, that has developers all around the world, and has also an advanced Continous Integration system for the development and testing of the entire platform.

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